Hotel Excelsior, Zell am See

Hotel Excelsior, Zell-am-SeeZell am See is an important tourist city in the Kitzbühel Alps in Austria at around 100 km of Insbruck and 30 km of the famous Mount Großglockner. The town’s development was linked by the establishment of a railway line from Salzburg in 1875, starting the annual summer tourisme season. In 1928, the village became a city and has today almost 10,000 inhabitants. The major industry is of course tourism and the city proposes a rich selection of hotels, some of them, with a view on the lake.

This label “Hotel Excelsior, Zell am See, Österreich” was designed by H.C Berann. The Berann signature can be seen on the right middle part of the image. The Hotel Excelsior itself does not seem to exist anymore.

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